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APOVStory – My Mother, My Refuge – McKenzie Lee – MissaX


Benny (Codey Steele) arrives early and surprises his stepmom (McKenzie Lee). She is happy to see him of course but that joy is quickly squashed when his wife Brooke (Nicole Sage) shows up to confront him about “running away to mommy) whenever they have a fight. They then have a huge fight over money and specifically her maxing out their credit cards. She tries to plead innocent but he isn't buying it. Brooke repeatedly flips between innocent and nasty and ends the fight by accusing him of having a thing for his stepmom. McKenzie overheard everything but pretends that she didn't. They decide to go out after dinner ends up burning in the oven. They have a wonderful night together and after McKenzie gets ready for bed she goes to talk to him some more in order to clear up any confusion. McKenzie wastes no time however as she then starts to kiss him passionately on his lips and down his chest before starting to give him a sensual blowjob.

Date: November 3, 2021

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